Wire rope winch lubricated with Interflon LS1/2 Grease, Fin Grease OG on the wire rope,
Sea Water Resistance, 
No Water Washout.
H/L Temperature adaptation on rough & tough sea conditions.

Thehardwareshop fully relocated to Eunos Tech Park in May 2017.
Below is the new location address:
60 Kaki Bukit Place Unit #04-11 Singapore 415979
Phone: +65 62244680 Fax: +65 62236023

We stock INTERFLON Products, supplies to Oil & Gas, Marine sectors.
Fully mobilised to service all your Lubrication and Greasing needs.

Greases as follows: 
LS 1/2, LS/2, MP2/3, Biodegradable 
Bio Grease MP2, OG, EP2

Fin Lube TF, Fin Super, Lube EP+.

Food Safe Lubricants:
Lube HT/SF, Food Grease 000

Applications as follows:

Wild Rides, 
Roller Coasters, 
Packing Heat Shrinkage Machines, 
Height Platforms,
Sliding Rails,
Baggage Sorting Systems,
Steel Fabricating & Bending, Rolling Machines,
Food Stations,
Pharmaceutical SUS Cleaners,
Clean Room Lubrication,
Sliding Doors,
Escalators & Travelators,
Lifts, Wire Rope Protectors,
Shop Floor Cleaners,
Car Grooming,....

Fin Grease OG
Eco, environmental friendly Cleaners, Degreasers for preventing flash rust after cleaning.


Greases and lubricants for bearings, slideways, chains, wire rope winches conveyors, switch plates in rail tracks.
*Preventing flash rust, reduces friction to the minimum and minimises ground water contamination.

*Cost effective as high as 200% dilution for cleaners.
Stainless Steel Cleaners, that works, saves water and 

*Food Safe on Service Areas, Conveyors, Trolleys, Slideways.

*Overhead gliding tracks in Production areas i.e. Abattoirs, Kitchens, Food Production Lines...conveyors belts.

*NSF certified, Euro Standards Evironmental Friendly Cleaners & Degreasers, Safe even with bare hands.
Dilution to 1:100 for effective and cost effective cleaning, degreasing and protection against flash rust.

Look no further call for an appointment to demo on INTERFLON products to save on overall cost and good maintenance practice.

We can tailor a floor to floor maintenance programme to manage all the machines for the whole Plant, Railway Line, MRT Tracks, Escalators, Lifts, ForkLifts,
Drill Ships & FPSOs.

Our Technical Advisors at your disposal:

Peter Chan         HP: +65 9678-0608
Desmond Chen  HP: +65 9662-7151

Or call our office : +65 622-44-680 Joyce Chua for assistance in case both are not available

Alternatively drop us a line in our emails :-